October 7, 2022

SonarMD Chief Medical Officer Develops eNose Technology to Promote Gut Health

CHICAGO, October 07, 2022 – SonarMD, the leading value-based care coordination company for digestive health, today announced its chief medical officer, Lawrence Kosinski, MD, has founded VOCnomics, a venture focused on the development and commercialization of novel remote patient monitoring technology for chronic conditions. The startup is investigating a clinical stage device that analyzes the air content after bowel movements to help monitor how diet is affecting gut health.

Using cutting-edge air filtration system technology, the VOCnomics device, called an eNose, detects volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from fermentation of resistant starch by the fecal microbiome. This data could potentially be analyzed and used to predict changes in patient health and coordinate care as needed. VOCnomics has granted SonarMD exclusive licensing rights to use the eNose™ to support wraparound GI care.

“SonarMD’s platform uses data analytics and artificial intelligence to proactively identify and address worsening gut health. Combined with SonarMD’s AI, the VOCnomics eNose could make it possible to identify changes even earlier — before symptoms occur — so we can intervene sooner, keep patients healthier and continue to lower the cost of care,” said Dr. Kosinski, the inventor of the eNose device.

“Dr. Kosinski continues to push the field of GI care forward with his innovative mind,” said Beth Houck, Chief Executive Officer of SonarMD. “The potential for VOCnomics to detect patient deterioration even earlier is exciting. SonarMD will always be closely monitoring innovations in digestive care to help gastroenterologists stay ahead of industry transformation.”

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

About SonarMD

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