July 1, 2022

SonarMD Releases New eBook: How to Make Value-Based GI Care a Reality

CHICAGO – July 1, 2022 – SonarMD, a leading care coordination company specializing in digestive health, today released a new resource to help health plans and gastroenterology practices transition to more sustainable, value-based models of care. This transition can be challenging in specialty care — but industry experts believe significant opportunities await for those ready to lead change.

Over the past year, our founder and Chief Medical Officer, Lawrence R. Kosinski, MD, interviewed 10 provider, payer, employer, professional, and patient experts on his podcast, The Scope With Dr. K. The insights from these conversations offer a seven-step plan for making value-based care a reality in gastroenterology. Here’s a small sample of what our expert guests discussed.

From an enterprise transformation standpoint, the capabilities to create new mechanisms of payment aren’t built into our baseline capabilities. — David Johnson, M.D., Medical Director of Value Transformation, BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina

An effective value-based program has to change a patient’s self-care management, improve care plan adherence, or keep them out of the ED. — Florence Kariuki, Chief Clinical Officer, Health Recovery Solutions

Patients don’t necessarily call it value-based care. What they’re saying is, “Oh, good. You’re taking care of me as a whole person.” — Beth Houck, Chief Executive Officer, SonarMD

The interesting thing about healthcare is how much we don’t know about our people. — Cheryl Pegus, M.D., Executive Vice President of Health and Wellness, Walmart

All these digital health companies that have become very popular — all they’re doing is listening to patients as consumers. They know patients want basic stuff. — Praveen Suthrum, Co-Founder, NextServices and NovoLiver

When you get physicians from different specialties in a room together, they find a lot they can agree on, and they know how they want things to be redesigned so that care will be improved. — Sandy Marks, Senior Assistant Director of Federal Affairs, American Medical Association

The value-based care program that we developed focuses on a “pay one price program” for outpatient colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. Employers are willing to waive co-pays knowing that the total cost of care is way less than if the employee went elsewhere. — Scott Ketover, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, MNGI Digestive Care

Read more insights in SonarMD’s latest eBook, How to Make Value-Based GI Care a Reality: A 7-Step Plan. Its expert advice provides an overview of what it will take to transition to new, innovative, and sometimes out-of-the-box payment models in gastroenterology. Easily view the eBook at https://sonarmd.com/ebook/ValueBasedCare_eBook.pdf.

About SonarMD

SonarMD is a care coordination and drug optimization solution for gut health. SonarMD’s clinical staff and technology make it easier for patients and specialists to work together virtually to detect and address worsening symptoms sooner and make the right treatment decisions. The company contracts with payers and works directly with sub-specialists in their network to provide value-based care. SonarMD is starting in inflammatory bowel disease where it has proven to reduce hospitalizations, saving health plans more than 15% per member per year. For more information, visit www.SonarMD.com and engage with SonarMD on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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