November 14, 2022

SonarMD Continues Exceptional Momentum Throughout 2022

CHICAGO, November 14, 2022 — SonarMD, the leading care coordination company for gut health, today announced an expansion into new markets, an addition to its executive team, and a partnership to improve the user experience for patients with GI conditions and their specialists.

  • SonarMD expanded into new markets and is now working with four major health plans that have a combined membership of more than 67 million Americans across the country.
  • Ben Stormer recently joined SonarMD’s executive team as chief product officer. Stormer brings his more than 20 years of experience in healthcare innovation and product development to the team. Most recently, he was senior vice president and general manager of technology and product at g2o, a firm focused on creating better customer experiences through human-centered design.
  • SonarMD is working with ZoCo Design to elevate the platform’s user experience for both patients and provider partners. The redesigned experience will ensure patients feel supported and heard while using SonarMD, and that providers have a simple, straightforward experience to give patients the best care possible.

GI disorders are the cause of millions of hospitalizations each year, and annual healthcare expenditures for GI disorders total $163 billion. SonarMD has shown that its solution can engage 85% of patients, reduce ER visits and hospitalizations by 50%, and save 15% per member with IBD per year, totaling $10 million saved across the book of business.

Those savings are expected to increase, as SonarMD is expanding its care coordination solution to cover additional GI-related conditions, such as diverticulitis, as well as wraparound services to support emotional health, nutrition, and sleep management.

“Approximately 70 million Americans live with gut health problems. They have a really hard time distinguishing between existing and worsening symptoms, but we can,” said Beth Houck, CEO of SonarMD. “We are excited to coordinate care for even more of these patients, so we can make sure they get the care they need, when and where they need it.”

About SonarMD

SonarMD aligns incentives around the doctor-patient relationship to reimagine care for complex chronic diseases, starting in gastroenterology. Using AI technology and human support, we predict clinical deterioration in patients and make it easier for patients and specialists to work together to proactively address problems before they become health emergencies. Our approach is proven to keep people healthier and help health plans reduce costs by 15% per member per year. For more information, visit 

MEDIA CONTACT: Patty Keiler, 312-550-5394, [email protected]