Your first line of prevention in chronic GI care.

SonarMD contracts with payers and collaborates directly with gastrointestinal specialists within their network to coordinate between-visit care for patients with chronic GI conditions via a value-based arrangement.

Earlier detection lowers costs with more
effective intervention.

Our innovative, early-detection approach combines remote monitoring and AI-assisted care coordination to prevent fractured care and unnecessary costs. These costs are not only financial but also weigh heavily on the patient’s emotional and physical health. IBD, one of the biggest cost drivers, can be reduced by as much as $3000 per member per year. Read our E-Book.

A few SonarMD facts that’ll stick to your gut.



Hospitalizations Reduced by


Average Annual Savings per Patient


Each new provider we are privileged to support continues to make our technology smarter and insights sharper.

Our expertise continues to grow with our expanding network of physician partners across the country.

There are $136 billion reasons each year to integrate SonarMD into your network.

Chronic gut health conditions, which affect up to 70 million Americans, are complex to treat and costly to manage. The daily symptoms of IBD, diverticulitis and other GI diseases place an oversized burden on the healthcare system. Partnering with SonarMD to enhance the care of your providers is a critical step to reducing systemwide costs.

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