SonarMD stands together with our partners – patients, gastroenterologists and payers – in speaking out against injustices and in support of diversity, equality and unity.

We also understand that a statement is not nearly enough. It is also not nearly enough to just be aware of the problem. It is incumbent on organizations like ours, and the individuals within them, to drive actionable change.

We must engage in honest, potentially uncomfortable conversations. We must encourage our colleagues to take real actions, whether it is protesting, volunteering, posting on social media, donating, facilitating discussions within their communities, and hiring to improve our own racial diversity. We are proud that our small, socially-minded team is contributing in these ways – but that pride can only remain valid if we permanently commit to helping people, keeping it in the forefront of our minds.

We know that together, we can do even more. How do we ensure that our approach and our technology help to stop systemic inequalities in healthcare? How do we help provide access to care for those who are struggling? How can we examine our hiring practices to eliminate bias and improve our own racial diversity? These questions are just a start – we don’t have the answers right now. We will continue working to find them.

We need to remember this point in history. Its memory will drive us to further educate ourselves, take real actions, and make lasting changes. Regardless of whether there are active protests for another day or another year, we will keep what is happening and the lessons we are learning present in our minds moving forward as we strive to do better.

Black Lives Matter

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