November 16, 2022

What SonarMD Heard at HTLH: Day 2

SonarMD’s CEO Beth Houck, Founder and CMO Dr. Larry Kosinski, MD, and Chief Product Officer Ben Stormer attended their second day at the inspirational and whimsical whirlwind that is HLTH 2022.

The conference is not only full of thought-provoking presentations and in-person meetings with innovative thinkers (see the teams’ takeaways gleaned from day one), but also had areas for quiet recovery, stress-relieving games and a puppy park.

That’s because the organizers approached attendees as whole people, providing wraparound services to support all aspects of health and well-being.

The SonarMD team is inspired by that approach and by everyone they met on the conference floor, which was full of companies with products, devices and software addressing the gamut of health issues.

These trailblazers deeply know their craft and slice of the world and are all working to create a healthier future for their patient populations. It was energizing to see these incredible innovations firsthand.

We know some of those products and services can be wraparound services for people with chronic gut health diseases. In fact, SonarMD is already busy organizing the ecosystem of all the ways to improve gut health. We’re partnering with the right people to support gut health patients’ emotional well-being and sleep management. And, we’re continuously working to find other solutions that complement one another and help us move from point solutions to holistic digestive care.

We’re thankful for the partners already working with us to make this a reality, and for everyone we met at HLTH who are keeping the conversation going. The SonarMD team looks forward to continuing to collaborate with the entire ecosystem to encourage a holistic approach to health.