The Scope with Dr. K — Episode 15

Supporting Physicians Transitioning to VBC – Sandy Marks

On the latest episode of The Scope with Dr. K, Dr. Lawrence Kosinski and his guest, Sandy Marks, discuss the structural barriers in place that make transitioning to value-based care difficult for physicians.

Marks is currently the Sr. Assistant Director of Federal Affairs at the American Medical Association, where she has held a variety of roles over the past three decades.

“There’s very little support for physicians to do practice transformation…they’re paid when they provide services to patients, so they’re actually going to lose money if they keep patients healthier, so that they need fewer services. That’s a huge barrier.”

The podcast, which airs on HealthcareNOW Radio, explores how the American Medical Association is working to diminish physicians’ obstacles in transitioning to value-based care, and specialists’ burgeoning need for alternative payment models (APMs.)

“I do think we need APMs designed specifically for specialty care,” Marks said. “Primary care physicians just can’t do everything.”

“People go on diagnostic journeys trying to figure out what’s wrong with them…that takes a lot of work by specialists, and it needs to be supported, and it’s not by the current payment system.”