The Scope with Dr. K

It’s been another fantastic year of The Scope with Dr. K! I truly enjoy getting to have real and insightful conversations with gastroenterologists and value-based care warriors around the world – all of whom share our vision to meaningfully include specialists in this innovative work. When I step back and examine what we’ve accomplished, I am proud to share: 

A few highlights in numbers for 2023:

  • 13 guests
  • 7 podcast episodes
  • 3 guests from the American Gastroenterological Association Institute Governing Board
  • 1 mega episode recorded at Digestive Disease Week

Each contributor offered their unique lens and experience to the conversations on a few key topics. I’ve shared some of my favorite quotes about value-based care, GI practice and patient care, and GI innovation.

Favorite quotes about value-based care:

“My ideal version of value-based care would be a primary care-driven network of providers that are highly engaged, that are exquisitely data-informed, and would also include specialists as well as hospitals — holding them accountable for their in-hospital complication rates. It would also include working with communities and their community-based organizations, such as the local EMS systems, and integrating everything into a single system of care across the organization. It has to be all payer, all product lines. You’ve got to get that volume to create enough movement to change practice patterns. And I think in a nutshell, that’s what it would look like.” — Dr. Angelo Sinopoli, chief network officer of UpStream, Episode 42

Favorite quotes about GI practice and patient care:

“I think you really have to come together and realize physicians are strongest when they collaborate, when they work together, when they come together. And I firmly believe that. I don’t look at any of my GI colleagues as my competition. I look at them as my allies, my friends.” – Dr. Rockford Yapp, Co-Founder of GI Partners of Illinois, Episode 39

“Every organ in our bodies has its own clock, including the intestine. And as you can imagine, the intestinal clock is not going to be regulated by light and dark. It is regulated every time you eat. That is something I highlight to my patients, that it’s not only what you have to eat, but you have to know when to eat.” — Dr. Ali Keshavarzian, Episode 31

Favorite quotes about GI Innovation:

“The Center for Gastroenterology IT is here to answer questions like, How do we help companies? How do we assist great technologies and get them across the line? How do we assist people in getting codes? How do we assist people working with insurers and payers to reach more patients? I think it’s not singular efforts and for too long it’s been in silos. More recently I think we’ve understood we have got to work as a team with a unified approach, otherwise we’ll never win the battle.” — Dr. Sri Komanduri, Episode 32

“[The GI Opportunity Fund] allows AGA to do three things: One, we’re aiding these companies in going further down the path to commercialization and becoming viable entities. The second thing it does is it allows us as AGA members to go ahead and look at promising new technologies, which we think will impact and help our patients and our practice. And the third thing is it provides an additional revenue stream in this era of decreasing revenue to the AGA by diversifying us out of the traditional income streams.” — Dr. Michael Kochman, advisor to AGA’s GI Opportunity Fun, Episode 40

Know any great gastroenterologists or VBC experts you’d love to hear from? Email our team to suggest guests at: [email protected]

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