The Scope with Dr. K — Episode 4

Research Revelations from a Payer & Provider Partnership with Dr. Leanne Metcalfe

Value-based care arrangements aren’t the only time payers and providers should work together. On the latest episode of The Scope with Dr. K, Dr. Lawrence Kosinski and Dr. Leanne Metcalfe discuss how research partnerships between payers and providers yield actionable findings.

Kosinski is founder and CMO of SonarMD. He and Metcalfe, a health economics consultant, partnered on several value-based research projects when she was with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois.

“For both of us, the payer and provider, the end goal is that patient or that member,” Metcalfe said of the value of joint research. “The provider might not have the full view of the patient, but the provider has the patient trust. When payers and providers partner together, providers can get that wholistic view of the patient … and on the payer end, they’re seeing a member … with better physical and financial health.”

On the podcast, which airs on HealthcareNOW Radio, the two talk about the impact of research they’ve done together, on high-beta conditions like Crohn’s disease, and on colon cancer screenings.