The Scope with Dr. K — Episode 42

The Scope with Dr. K: Dr. Angelo Sinopoli and How to Design the Perfect Value Based Care Structure

On this episode of The Scope With Dr. K, Dr. Kosinski chats with Dr. Angelo Sinopoli, chief network officer of UpStream. Dr. Sinopoli is a nationally recognized expert and speaker on population health, care model development, health policy, and contracting strategy. He is a transformational physician executive who most recently served as the system executive vice president and chief clinical officer for Prisma Health, the largest not-for-profit integrated healthcare system in South Carolina, serving over a million patients annually. Together they discuss Dr. Sinopoli’s career in bringing multi-faceted healthcare networks together across geographic areas, the role that data transparency plays in improving quality metrics, and the perfect value-based care system if Dr. K and Dr. Sinopoli were able to build one from scratch. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Episode Takeaways:

  • In a network of 5,000 doctors, data transparency among providers and administrators was essential to drive forward value-based care and risk contracts. When individual provider quality metrics are available to everyone, tremendous improvement is possible.
  • UpStream is piloting a new value-based care compensation model where doctors are paid monthly quality bonuses from shared savings, versus a traditional value-based model in which providers receive incentives 6 -18 months after providing care.
  • Integrating primary care and specialists around specific disease management drives shared learning and system-wide cost reduction.


“My ideal version of value-based care would be a primary care-driven network of providers that are highly engaged, that are exquisitely data-informed, and would also include specialists as well as hospitals — holding them accountable for their in-hospital complication rates. It would also include working with communities and their community-based organizations, such as the local EMS systems, and integrating everything into a single system of care across the organization. It has to be all payer, all product lines. You’ve got to get that volume to create enough movement to change practice patterns. And I think in a nutshell, that’s what it would look like.” — Dr. Angelo Sinopoli

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