Operations Specialist

Team: Care Coordination
Location: Chicago/Remote

The Operations Specialist is a member of the SonarMD Care Coordination team. This position will assist the Lead Care Coordinator to evaluate, determine, and optimize a patient’s care pathway based on our Care Coordination Protocols.  This is a patient advocate role, the Operations Specialist does not provide clinical care. This position is a great fit for those who have strong communication skills, critical thinking, are detail oriented and have a team player attitude.

About SonarMD

SonarMD is a venture-backed, high growth startup that contracts with payers and works directly with sub-specialists in their network to provide value-based care for patients with chronic conditions. We regularly ping patients with clinical questions they can respond to quickly via secure text, email or a phone call. We use their responses to generate a numerical value that correlates with symptom intensity, called a Sonar Score, which we track over time to detect which patients are at risk of sudden decline. We’ve proven we can reduce ER visits by more than two-thirds and hospitalizations by more than half, saving health plans more than 15% per member per year.

Here is what we are looking for:
  • Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Communications or Health Care delivery (Or GED with experience in a healthcare setting)
  • Excellent communication skills both written (text) and verbal (phone calls)
  • Ability to work responsibly, both independently and collaboratively as needs warrant, in an ever-changing and fast-paced environment
  • Ability to follow protocols and procedures
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Detail oriented with ability to look at the bigger picture
  • Empathy
In this position you will:
  • Work closely with Sonar product and clinical staff as well as patients on a one-on-one basis
  • Communicate with patients via text to set up care phone calls or to encourage patients to complete their monthly Sonar Assessment
  • Evaluate patients based on our clinical protocols to determine care pathway
  • Document information shared by patients about their condition and communicate with patient’s team of medical professionals based on our protocols and in a timely manner
  • Collaborate with the Patient Engagement team to develop a valuable patient experience
  • Provide valuable feedback to the product team regarding opportunities for enhancements to the care coordination and triage process
  • Monitor and analyze reports as well as customer experience to identify needs to help optimize day to day activities and improve operations
Apply for this position if you are:
  • Mature, patient, and great with people
  • Self-starter, motivated to look beyond daily tasks and find areas of improvement
  • A team player, willing to collaborate and work with others
  • Able to communicate well with patients
  • Savvy at texting multiple people at once
Do not apply for this position if you:
  • Do not like talking to people on a daily basis
  • Would feel uncomfortable talking to people about their IBD symptoms

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