Healthcare Data Analyst

Team: Data Analytics
Location: Chicago, IL

SonarMD is looking for a new person to join the innovative, results-focused and organized Data Analytics team. This person will have strong interpersonal and quantitative abilities and will be an important early contributor to ensuring that the Data Analytic team delivers on its mission of knowledge discovery from SonarMD, payer and provider sourced data sets. This person will be involved in all stages of the data analytics and will accordingly provide findings that helps drive behaviors that ensure a successful outcome of SonarMD System patients. Position is in Chicago, IL.

About SonarMD

SonarMD is a virtual Data Analytics and drug optimization solution for gut health. SonarMD’s clinical staff and technology make it easier for patients and specialists to work together to detect and address worsening symptoms sooner and make the right treatment decisions. The company contracts with payers and works directly with sub-specialists in their network to provide value-based care. SonarMD is starting in inflammatory bowel disease where it has proven to reduce hospitalizations, saving health plans more than 15% per member per year. For more information, visit and engage with SonarMD on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Here is what we are looking for:
  • 2−5 years relevant work experience
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science, or a similar subject
  • Strong analytical thinking
  • Experience working with healthcare data and familiar with clinical terminology (Rx data a plus)
  • Comfortable in different analysis tools/platforms (ex: Python, R, Tableau, SQL, Excel)
  • Experience delivering results in an understandable format to senior leadership
  • Excellent written communications
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Experience in the healthcare industry
Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Interpreting Data: analyze results from SonarMD’s data, using this information to create ongoing reports
  • Implementing Databases: develop and implement databases, as well as data analytics and strategies to optimize the efficiency and quality of data processes within SonarMD
  • Gathering Information from Other Sources: acquire data from primary and secondary sources, to use to maintain data systems.
  • Identifying Trends: look at the data SonarMD has collected to find patterns or trends in complex data sets
Skills and Qualifications:
  • Analytical skills: data analysts interpret and analyze data to draw conclusions and identify patterns
  • Computer knowledge: this position uses statistical and analytical software
  • Communication skills: present his/her findings or translate the information into an easy-to-understand document, so the ability to communicate complex data, and to write and speak clearly, are important
  • Math skills: strong numeracy skills to estimate and interpret numerical data
  • Attention to detail: able to spot errors, and vigilant to ensure that any problems are corrected for accurate results

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