May 12, 2021

[eBook] Imagining the Path Forward for Value-Based Care in GI

Value-based care models in the United States tend to focus on primary care. This represents a missed opportunity since specialty care accounts for more than half of all physician office visits and nearly 70% of all healthcare expenses.

SonarMD is committed to furthering value-based care in gastroenterology by identifying deterioration through detecting worsening symptoms sooner and enabling clinicians to intervene faster. Our work is achieving results – we’ve proven we can save health plans more than 15% per member per year.

We’re far from the only ones who want better, less costly GI care. Over the past year, our founder and Chief Medical Officer, Lawrence R. Kosinski, MD, interviewed a dozen experts on his podcast, The Scope with Dr. K. He talked to representatives of GI practices, health systems, payers, employer groups, government agencies, policy groups, and patient advocacy organizations to gain their perspective on what it will take to move GI care to a value-based model.

Here are some of the highlights from these in-depth conversations.

The old style game of waiting for someone to show up in your office is clearly being eclipsed by the new opportunity to be proactive. — Joel Brill, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Predictive Health

We have to engage everyone, specialists included, to make sure incentives are aligned. I don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all kind of a model. — Lee McGrath, Senior Vice President of Provider Strategy & Solutions, Premera Blue Cross

One of the challenges we will face in post-pandemic rebuilding is whether people will simply try to get back as quickly as possible to the old way of doing things, or whether it becomes an opportunity to do things differently. — Harold Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer, Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform

The people paying the bills are actually the employers. It’s really critical that people connect the dots that healthcare prices are coming out of a core business of a manufacturer or tech company or retailer. — Elizabeth Mitchell, President and Chief Executive Officer, Purchaser Business Group on Health

Our healthcare system is a complete and utter mess. It’s really hard to navigate. I feel like I’m micromanaging everyone. — Lilly Stairs, Founder and Principal, Patient Authentic

We’re trying to build a sustainable, relevant, and independent medical practice so that physicians can be bosses of themselves in their own environment. — Michael Weinstein, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, Capital Digestive Care

Read the rest of the insights from out panel of experts in our new eBook, The Path Forward for Value-Based Care in GI. Our experts agree that there are many obstacles to providing value-based care – but they also agree that these models will help everyone do what’s right for the patients they serve.