[Podcast] Aligning Incentives, So Everyone Rows in the Same Direction - Christina Ritter

The Scope with Dr. K - Episode 8

The current state of the world has exposed plenty of red flags for practices, and they need to be addressed sooner rather than later. However, it still takes a considerable amount of time for practices to truly transform and adapt. On the latest episode of The Scope with Dr. K, Dr. Lawrence Kosinski and Christina Ritter discuss bringing forth value payment into the specialty space.

Ritter is the Director, Patient Care Models Group at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI.) She previously served as the Deputy Director of the Hospital and Ambulatory Policy Group in the Center for Medicare, and has spent her career at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), working on health payment policy.

Ritter and her team are dedicated to reducing costs, improving quality, and transforming the specialty space of healthcare. But she emphasizes that transforming how people think about payment and care in the specialty space is one of, if not the most crucial aspects of her role.

“We try very hard not just to make it a payment approach,” Ritter said. “A lot of times my thinking is about, ‘What is the physician experiencing? What is the institution experiencing? How are they thinking about the care that they bring every day?’”

The podcast, which airs on HealthcareNOW Radio, focuses on bundled payment models, improving how data is distributed to practices/participants, and creating a more efficiently incentivized system to get all players on the same page.

“We’re trying to get everyone to row in the same direction,” Ritter said. “How do you change the financial incentives…for the hospital and physician to go in the same direction?

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