Reimagining GI Care, At A Lower Cost

SonarMD uses digital tools to proactively detect deteriorating gut health — so patients receive the right care, at the right time, at a lower cost. We’re partnering with health plans and providers to deliver the optimal GI care experience.

SonarMD is advancing digestive care

We are an end-to-end care coordination program proven to keep patients with gut health conditions healthier and out of the hospital. How? Our holistic approach ensures timely access to expert support, personalized care pathways, and the best innovations in GI care.

For Patients

Stay ahead of changes in your gut health and get better connected to your care team.

For Providers

Proactively manage chronic GI conditions and provide the best possible patient experience.

For Health Plans

Align incentives to keep members healthier, reduce fragmentation and lower costs.

SonarMD is proven to:

Why Gut Health?

The U.S. spends $136 billion each year on digestive health. That’s because chronic gut health conditions, which affect up to 70 million Americans, are complex to predict, treat and manage. The daily symptoms of IBD, diverticulitis and other GI diseases can worsen without warning, and patients often don’t realize until it’s too late.

SonarMD identifies deteriorating symptoms sooner — often before patients know there’s a problem. The result? Care teams can intervene faster and prevent complications, keeping patients healthier and lowering the overall cost of care.

How SonarMD Works


Patients start by answering a monthly health assessment about their symptoms via HIPAA-secure text, email or phone.


Behind the scenes, SonarMD’s proprietary technology monitors symptoms over time to detect patients at risk of sudden decline.


SonarMD proactively connects patients with care teams in real-time and provides wrap-around services to help patients manage their individual health needs.


Tech Talk: 12:50 p.m. on 10/29

Stage 1 in the Exhibit Hall

SonarMD’s CEO Devin Gross explains why payers are focusing on high-beta conditions.

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