Reduce healthcare costs through successful outcomes

SonarMD contracts with payers and works directly with GI specialists in their network to provide value-based care for patients while optimizing use of high-cost drugs. We’ve proven our remote monitoring and care coordination program can keep people healthier – avoiding unnecessarily ER visits and hospitalizations – saving health plan costs 15% per member per year.

How a Value-based Care Model
Can Help Private GI Practices Survive

Read how you can generate new sources of revenue via value-based care models. Patient behavior changes seen during the pandemic have led to an increased use of remote technologies and patient engagement that can enable the transition to value-based care.

Why focus on high-beta conditions like IBD?

High-beta conditions are symptomatic, chronic, and likely to deteriorate rapidly—leading to complications, hospitalizations, and highly variable per capita costs. These conditions are often treated with high-cost therapeutics, such as specialty drugs.

This population accounts for a disproportionately high percentage of our nation’s medical costs and can greatly benefit from value-based care initiatives.

SonarMD’s clinical staff and technology make it easier for patients and specialists to work together to detect and address worsening symptoms sooner and make the right treatment decisions.

We’ve proven we can reduce ER visits by more than two-thirds and hospitalizations by more than half, saving health plans more than 15% per member per year.

How it works

Our clinical staff uses technology to connect with patients, calculate risk, and coordinate care.


We regularly ping patients with clinical questions they can respond to quickly via secure text, email or phone call


We use their responses to generate a numerical value that correlates with symptom intensity, called a Sonar Score, which we track over time to detect which patients are at risk of sudden decline.


We organize patient care activities between patients and their specialist when intervention is needed, and we help to optimize the use of therapeutics.

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