If you were attempting to take your survey for July and ended up here, great! This page explains the upgrade to SonarMD that shifts surveys from your email to your cell phone.

If you have any questions about the change, didn’t get a text message, or want more information you can email us over here ►

We've Upgraded SonarMD!

We want your experience with SonarMD to be as convenient and simple as possible. Starting on July 6th you will receive your monthly survey via text message, and then can directly text your care coordinator.

What's New?

Streamlined Survey Access

Access your SonarMD survey with the unique link texted to you each month – you do not need to remember your SonarMD password.

Mobile Device Optimization

SonarMD surveys were designed to be filled out on your mobile device. Take it whenever you have a free moment!

Text Your Care Coordinator

Your care coordinator is available from 9A-6P ET to answer any questions you have! You no longer need to call or email SonarMD for a response.

Tech Support Handoff

Having trouble with your survey? Your care coordinator can hand off the conversation to SonarMD's technical support team to help you troubleshoot directly within the same text message.
As always, our system is looking for evidence of when your condition might be getting worse. Your survey results allow your care team to track the state of your health, so you can focus on living your life 😊


Early June, 2020
ADH, DHC and GANJ Patients Receive June Surveys
Patients will receive their monthly surveys from SonarMD. Please respond quickly so that we are able to move your responses into the upgraded system.
Early June, 2020
End of June, 2020
SonarMD Upgrades
SonarMD's product and engineering teams will pull all of your data into the upgraded version of SonarMD. You don't need to do anything - just sit back, relax, and enjoy the summer!
End of June, 2020
July 6, 2020
July Ping Surveys Sent
From here on out, you'll receive your monthly ping survey via text message on the first Monday of each month around 10am in your local time zone. If you have any questions or concerns, your care coordinator is just a text message or call away.
July 6, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting July 6th, SonarMD communications will occur via text message. This upgrade enables you to both access your care team and communicate with us more conveniently.

Yes. SonarMD takes your security and privacy very seriously. If you would like to verify our compliance status, please click the logo below and Compliancy Group will perform the verification for you.

Please contact us at [email protected] or 312-283-0601 to set up a different arrangement.

You will receive a text message from SonarMD welcoming you to our platform – you will be prompted to take our quick health assessment. We will then connect with you to go over the state of your condition, and work with your specialist to provide you with optimized care.

Yes! SonarMD is proven to work, so it comes at no cost to you. Catching flareups before they turn into hospitalizations saves money for you and your insurer. Plus, it allows your specialists to provide you with better care. For your privacy, we will never share your individual responses or clinical data with any insurer.

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