Welcome to the SonarMD Practice Toolkit!

We developed this toolkit to help you:

1) Engage IBD patients in the SonarMD program, and

2) Promote the innovative work your practice is doing.

Below are a few tools that will help you more easily spread the word about the SonarMD program:

  • A video geared towards patients that explains the benefits of the SonarMD program and how it works. You can share this video on your website, via email, or on social media.
  • A press release that you can customize and share with your local media or professional organizations.
  • A SonarMD Patient FAQ that you can share with patients to help answer their questions.
  • An informational article that you can put on your website or in a newsletter.
  • Social media posts and gifs you can share on your preferred social channels.

These pre-made posts have done the heavy lifting for you. Just download the image that matches your social media platform, copy/paste the text, and post.

Post #1: Connect. Calculate. Coordinate.

  • Post Text: Thanks to SonarMD, managing your gut health condition is as simple as text! Contact us to see how SonarMD can help you stay connected with our clinical team, calculate changes in your health, and coordinate your care all from your phone. #IBD
  • Download the Image

Post #2: Savings

  • Post Text: Take the guesswork out of managing your gut health and save. Reach out today to find out how SonarMD can help you stay healthy and save money, time, and stress. #IBD
  • Download the Image

Post #3: Care Plan

  • Post Text: Do you know how to proactively manage you gut health condition? SonarMD is a free, easy-to-use tool that helps take the guesswork out of identifying and managing flare-ups. Contact us now to add SonarMD to your care plan. #IBD
  • Download the Image

Post #4: Gut Health

  • Post Text: If you’re live with a gut health condition, it can be tough to recognize when symptoms are getting worse. Discover how SonarMD can help you stay healthy, save money, and enjoy life today! #IBD #GutHealth
  • Download the GIF

Our PR/Marketing team would be happy to help guide your promotional efforts. Please email [email protected] if you’d like to schedule a call. You can also ping us if you have suggestions for additional helpful materials.

We’re grateful to collaborate and communicate with you!

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