[Podcast] Aligning for the Future - Dr. David Johnson

The Scope with Dr. K - Episode 25

On the latest episode of The Scope with Dr. K, Dr. Lawrence Kosinski interviews Dr. David Johnson, Medical Director of Value Transformation at Blue Cross NC.

In his role, Dr. Johnson provides a clinical perspective for the design of alternative payment models, facilitates collaborative partnerships with providers, and implements innovative care delivery models that are intended to improve the value of specialty care delivery across North Carolina.

The podcast, which airs on HealthcareNOW Radio, features Dr. Johnson’s views on payment/incentive misalignment between payers and providers.

“The prevailing FFS system has made it very difficult for payers to successfully implement mechanisms to control cost and improve quality. Not only have these traditional payer levers failed, they’ve caused a lot of provider abrasion,” said Dr. Johnson.

“If we can shift how we pay, this is the first step to…aligning financial success to outcomes that are actually desirable to patients, populations, and even providers.”

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