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SonarMD uses a combination of clinical experts and technology to help you and your specialist work together to track changes in your health in-between visits. The program helps ensure problems can be identified and addressed sooner.

A: You’ll complete a survey about your symptoms once a month via HIPAA-secure text or email, which only takes a few minutes. After you take the survey each month, SonarMD will send you a new Sonar Score—a number related to your symptom intensity. Behind the scenes, your physician and clinical team tracks your score and will connect you with resources as needed.

A: A Sonar score is a number that represents the severity of your Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis (UC) symptoms – the number is generated based on your answers from the monthly survey. It’s generated based on your responses to the monthly survey. SonarMD tracks your Sonar Score over time to see if your symptoms are at risk of getting worse.

A: The questions asked on SonarMD’s survey are based on a well-established, validated research tool called the Crohn’s Disease Activity Index. The proprietary algorithm generates your personalized Sonar Score, tracks it over time, and compares it to established benchmarks. The benchmarks have been derived from SonarMD’s five-year history of capturing monthly scores on patients like you across the country. The algorithm also alerts the care coordination team to contact you if your score—or changes in your score—exceed these benchmarks.

A: Your physician and their clinical team track the Sonar Score and will contact you if you need to be seen by your specialist.

A: Many patients with Crohn’s or UC live with symptoms that actually become normal for them. Complications can sneak up on patients, and you might not realize how bad the symptoms have gotten until it escalates into an emergency. The short monthly survey is shown to catch problems that may feel insignificant to you but could be the beginnings of a problem.

A: SonarMD will send you a short survey once a month that only takes a few minutes to complete. You can respond at your convenience via secure text or email, whichever is easiest for you.

A: Think of SonarMD as another tool in your kit to living life with Crohn’s or UC. The monthly Sonar Score you see can be another form of validation that you’re doing well. And should your score rise, your specialist and their clinical team can reach out to help.

A: The site where you enter your data is password-protected and HIPAA-secure. Your information will only go to your care team so they can respond in case of a health problem.

A: Your insurance provider never sees individual responses, scores or clinical data tracked by SonarMD. They only see aggregate – or collective – data for all SonarMD users. This helps to prove that it works to improve care and costs for everyone.

A: Yes! People who use SonarMD have been shown to remain healthier, avoid flareups, have 50% fewer ER visits and hospitalizations, and spend less in out-of-pocket healthcare costs. SonarMD’s latest data was accepted and presented at Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) 2019 in San Diego. Details can be found on the company’s website.

A: Catching flareups before they turn into a hospitalization saves money for your insurer and allows specialists to provide better care. Because SonarMD is proven to work, it comes at no cost to you. Your insurance provider never sees individual responses, scores or clinical data.

A: You may have already received an invitation to participate in this program. If not, please ask your physician about whether you’re eligible to enroll.

A: For technical issues, please call 312-283-0601 ext. 1 to be routed to our technical team.
To reset your password, click “Forgot password?” on the login screen.

A: If you would like to opt out or cancel your participation in the program, log in to your SonarMD profile and check the box labeled “opt out”.

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