Director/VP, Payer Sales

Team: Sales
Location: Chicago, IL (75% Remote, 25% Travel on-site to prospects as required)

SonarMD is looking for a sales lead who will take the sales reins from the current team approach, providing proactive leadership and driving new approaches that increase sales velocity and outcomes.  This person will have a strong problem-solving orientation and a collaborative style, effectively serving as the quarterback for all sales and utilizing SonarMD resources to match payer needs with content knowledge. As the inaugural pure sales position, this person will have the opportunity to contribute significantly to sales process, new business models and company strategy. Company is based in Chicago, IL but open to remote applicants. Depending on experience, position may be a Vice President of Payer Sales.

Here is what we are looking for:
  • 10+ years healthcare work experience. Prior sales experience not necessarily required however strong preference for experience working with payers – consulting/analyzing/evaluating, etc.
  • Ability to manage a complex sale, utilizing strategic thinking, out of the box ideas
  • Experience with creating business model concepts
  • Strong problem-solving mindset
  • Tenacious and continually looking for ways to improve
  • A strong desire to win and motivated by temporary setbacks
  • Experience with value-based care programs a plus
  • Strong analytic and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent presentation and written communications
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Strong time management skills
  • Collaborates well with a team, helps to build SonarMD’s culture: a fun and engaging workplace
  • Travel on-site to prospects as required (25%)
In your first couple months with us, you will be helping us:
  • Form partnerships with payers to close deals with the SonarMD solution. You will be responsible for facilitating the complex sale of the SonarMD solution to well-qualified payer leads.  This means regular communications with prospects to keep the sales moving through the pipeline. In this role, this means you will need to:

    • Create a fantastic first impression to prospects and customers while building a strong pipeline for SonarMD;
    • Understand customer requirements and identify potential SonarMD business models options;
    • Work with actuaries to understand the SonarMD value-based model and trade-offs;
    • Project manage several prospects through the complex sale process including regular meetings both internally and externally;
    • Understand when to pull in subject matter experts as appropriate;
    • Identify when to escalate problems to the SonarMD leadership team for resolution;
    • Prepare presentations, actuarial modeling, and sales collateral for prospects to better understand the SonarMD solution;
    • Be responsive and utilize outstanding written communication skills to portray attentiveness and empathy;
    • Be organized and methodical in categorizing and tracking follow-up items;
    • Facilitate the hand-off to the Customer Operations Team once the sale is complete.
Lead internal Sales Operations efforts

As a growing SaaS business, SonarMD requires constant communication and coordination between the Sales & Customer Operations teams.  This will include developing better processes and documentation for the sales team.  You will be the integral player ensuring that we can operationalize what we are proposing in the contracts. In this role, this means you will need to:

  • Organize and categorize sales lead information into the Zendesk Sell platform;
  • Formulate and execute on ideas to shorten and improve the overall sales process;
  • Orchestrate appropriate feedback loops internally to ensure all contractual proposals can be met operationally;
  • Be a subject matter expert, understanding the Value-Based healthcare market and payer operations, generally;
  • Provide industry insights to the Product Team about potential product features or expansion opportunities;
  • Participate in brainstorming with the greater SonarMD team to identify methodologies and product development that can improve our scalability;
  • Develop internal documents and tools to help define processes and documentation as we grow the team;
  • Provide insights on how to build the sales team as the company expands;
    • Provide executive level summaries of the sales pipeline to leadership.
About SonarMD

SonarMD is a care coordination and therapeutic optimization solution for high-beta conditions. SonarMD contracts with payers and works directly with sub-specialists in their network to provide better care for patients with high-beta conditions. We use a combination of technology and clinical staff to connect with patients, calculate risk, and coordinate care. 

Connect: We regularly ping patients with clinical questions they can respond to quickly via secure text, email or phone call. 

Calculate: We use their responses to generate a numerical value that correlates with symptom intensity, called a Sonar Score, which we track over time to detect which patients are at risk of sudden decline. 

Coordinate: We organize patient care activities between patients and their specialist when intervention is needed, and we help to optimize the use of therapeutic pharmaceuticals. 

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