Customer Success Operations Manager

Team: Customer Success/Growth and Engagement
Location: Chicago, IL

SonarMD is looking for a new person to join the innovative, customer-focused and organized Customer Success team.  This person will have strong interpersonal and project management skills and will be an important early contributor to ensuring that the Customer Success team delivers on payer and provider customer obligations.  This person will utilize data to report on successful usage of the SonarMD System and will accordingly provide information that helps drive behaviors with the provider customers that ensure a successful outcome of SonarMD System patients. Position is located in Chicago, IL.

Here is what we are looking for:
  • 3-5 years relevant work experience
  • Strong project management skills
  • Experience working in a matrix environment, across functional areas
  • Experience delivering results of analytics
  • Excellent written communications
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Experience in the healthcare industry
In your first couple of months with us, you will be helping us:

Support Payer Customers with the SonarMD System:  You play an instrumental role in the success and happiness of our payer customers. This means facilitating regular communications, providing education where appropriate, tracking use and performance of the system and serving as a trusted advisor as they seek to maximize the return on the program.  In this role, this means you will need to:

    • Utilize strong project management skills to ensure program is launched according to contract scope;
    • Orchestrate appropriate reporting and feedback loops to ensure all levels of the organization are informed and contractual reporting obligations are met;
    • Serve as “quarterback” of the relationship, bringing in appropriate resources when necessary to solve a problem or strengthen our value;
    • Be responsive and utilize outstanding written communication skills to portray attentiveness and empathy;
    • Be a subject matter expert, understanding the Value-based healthcare market and practice operations, generally;
    • Be organized and methodical in categorizing and tracking follow-up items;
    • Evaluate systemic issues to raise with members of the Product Team.

Lead Internal Operations Efforts: As a growing SaaS business, SonarMD requires constant communication and coordination between the Product team and the Customer team. Additionally, there are several areas of growth that require review of data and technology aptitude. In this role, this means you will need to:

    • Act as liaison between our Product team and our Patient, Payer, and Product customers by discussing the Product roadmap, leading cross-functional conversations across internal teams, and ensuring the customer is supported for future success
    • Be the Data Management and Operations expert on behalf of practice and patient data; ensuring that practice data is loaded into SonarMD correctly, that monthly/quarterly data loads are input correctly, that system bugs or enhancements are observed and triaged accordingly
    • Lead internal Special Projects as new opportunities arise from the healthcare market or from our Payer and Practice relationship – this can be related to alternative revenue models, pharmacy optimization, healthcare-usage optimization, etc.
    • Own Reporting and Analytics for Enrollment, Engagement, Practices, and Payers; Present reporting metrics to Payer and Practice customers and act as SME related to quantitative and qualitative data; Use data to drive actionable results and outcomes for both Payer and Practice customers

Contribute to Ongoing Patient Engagement:  After spending time with our Payers and interfacing with our product team, you will be a member of the patient engagement team within SonarMD. In this role, this means you will need to:

    • Review and provide feedback on patient communications and the communication calendar each month;
    • Contribute to cross-functional discussions related to patient engagement and future product improvements;
    • Contribute and sign-off on communication tools (e.g., blogs, newsletters) that help to tell the SonarMD story
    • Participate in brainstorming with greater SonarMD team to identify methodologies and product development that can improve our scalability.
About SonarMD

SonarMD is a care coordination and therapeutic optimization solution for high-beta conditions. SonarMD contracts with payers and works directly with sub-specialists in their network to provide better care for patients with high-beta conditions. We use a combination of technology and clinical staff to connect with patients, calculate risk, and coordinate care. 

Connect: We regularly ping patients with clinical questions they can respond to quickly via secure text, email or phone call. 

Calculate: We use their responses to generate a numerical value that correlates with symptom intensity, called a Sonar Score, which we track over time to detect which patients are at risk of sudden decline. 

Coordinate: We organize patient care activities between patients and their specialist when intervention is needed, and we help to optimize the use of therapeutic pharmaceuticals. 

Apply for this position if you are:
  • Mature, patient and great with people
  • Intellectually curious
  • Resourceful and a “doer”
  • Collaborative and described as a “team-player”
  • Honest, kind and appreciate others
  • Self-directed and “own” everything you do
  • A great problem-solver
  • Open and reflective
Do not apply for this position if you:
  • Would feel uncomfortable without a well-defined corporate structure
  • Have clear boundaries about where your job starts and stops
  • Need policies and procedures to guide your decision-making
  • Are accustomed to asking your boss for your next assignment
  • Are not comfortable collaborating with co-workers in a virtual environment

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